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Adoptions and Guardianship

There is no more joyous day than welcoming a new member to your family, nor a sadder day than having to become guardian to a disabled relative. Brian is a strong supporter of adoption and would be honored to assist you with adopting someone you love. Similarly, it is important that we care for those we hold most dear, especially if they are ailing and can no longer care for themselves. If your family is changing, call us for assistance today.


Administrative Law

Contesting state agency decisions or citations can be just as important as disputes before the court.  When it comes to obtaining a liquor license, your professional license or certification, your property assessment, or zoning citations, it can cost money and cripple your life or business. The actions of the government can be contested just as much as any private dispute. Let us advise you on how to get approvals or stop wrongful regulation—but don’t wait! There are more stringent deadlines in the administrative field of law than most others, so call for help today!


If you’ve performed work, lent money, or entered into a contract and done your part, but haven’t been paid, you deserve your money!  From the initial collection letter to court, from post judgment collection to a satisfied account, all collection steps are under one roof at the Law Offices of Brian K. Young. Time can be critical to collecting your money, so call now!

District Court

Construction Law

We represent contractors and property owners in contract drafting, negotiations, settlement, litigation, and mechanic’s liens. There are complex laws and regulations governing construction projects in Maryland. They can provide relief for both contractors and homeowners, but they can also serve as a difficult to navigate minefield. Whether you’re about to start a project, in the middle of a disaster, or working on payment, call the Law Offices of Brian K. Young for help today.

Contract Law

The Law Offices of Brian K. Young can draft and review personal, business, and real estate contracts for almost any situation with an eye toward avoiding litigation with a well-governed relationship. If it is too late for that, turn to us for litigating disputes so that a misunderstanding doesn’t become your loss. Our goal is to protect your bottom line. Please call to discuss your contract needs now!

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Estates and Trusts

Estate Management

Losing a loved one can be a heart-breaking event. Managing an estate is not something you should have to deal with personally while in mourning. We can provide assistance for personal representatives in the handling of estates of departed loved ones. If you need help managing an estate, we know how to handle the process for you.

Estate Planning

When someone we love passes, having to manage a poorly planned estate makes the grieving process more difficult. The best time to see a lawyer is when you’re being proactive. Don’t trust an online template from an out-of-state website. Turn to The Law Offices of Brian K. Young to assist you in making an estate plan that will make life easier for your heirs.

Estate Litigation

Serving as personal representative for an estate can be a challenging task. When the estate plan is challenged, it can consume your life. If a Will is in question or heirs are disputing the intent of the testator, we can help you get back to your life while you carry out your obligation to the loved one who trusted you with a difficult task. They wouldn’t want you to go it alone, so call The Law Offices of Brian K. Young for help!


Having a loved one lose the ability to provide for their own care is a difficult experience. If they did not have an estate plan in place, it may be necessary to petition the court for guardianship so that you can be sure their person and property are protected. If you are experiencing this difficult situation, we can help get your loved one the security they need.


Homeowner’s Associations

The Law Offices of Brian K. Young represents Homeowner’s Associations throughout Harford County with their collections and operational needs, including interpreting and revising governing documents and handling problematic homeowners. We can work to enforce the covenants to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood.

Serving on the Board of an HOA or Condominium Association is a thankless job. Managing the HOA with limited resources is a tough volunteer job, especially when many owners refuse to pay their dues. Trust The Law Offices of Brian K. Young with your delinquent accounts and we will work to preserve your account and get the dues paid. Call today to discuss how we can help your Association!


The Law Offices of Brian K. Young litigates cases in the District and Circuit Courts to resolve your dispute with a use of law and facts specific to your case. If you have a claim, time is essential in asserting your rights. If you’ve been served with a lawsuit, time is even shorter. If it is time to force the issue to get a just result, call us before it’s too late!

Circuit Court
Car Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Torts

If you were hurt in an auto accident, don’t count on the insurance company to make you the priority! While insurance often looks to their bottom line, and other firms look to make every penny they can from your misfortune, we put your well-being first. We work to maximize your claim so that you can focus on the real priority: getting healthy. If you’re hurt and need representation that will put you first, call The Law Offices of Brian K. Young.

Real Property Law

The Law Offices of Brian K. Young prepares residential and commercial deeds, mortgages, and securities for recordation. We can also assist with Realtor disputes, breached contracts, and deposit litigation. If you are seeking to develop property, construct a home, or negotiate a contract dispute, we can help.


Zoning Law

Our experience with zoning laws in Bel Air, Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, and Harford County enable us to advocate for the right balance of productive development, home improvement, and a sense of community. If there’s a project you’re working on, we would love to discuss it!

As People’s Counsel for Harford County, Brian advocates for residents neighboring projects in Harford County seeking relief under the Harford County, Maryland Zoning Code.

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