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Doing business is an investment.  When you invest your time, money, or services with another business or a client, you make sure its done right, you make sure you finish the job, and you make sure it’s a product you can be proud of.  Unfortunately, the other side doesn’t always make sure you get paid.  Now you can make sure everything that can be done to get your return on your investment is done—after all, you did the work, and you deserve to be reimbursed.


Our firm handles all types of collections cases.  Whether your invoice is 30 days, 60 days, or 2 years past due, it’s time the agreement is honored.  After our free initial consultation, you can retain our services to send collection letters, file law suits, find missing debtors, take post-judgment measurers, set up, maintain, and process payment arrangements, and, when necessary, garnish wages, bank accounts, and other assets.


Once you retain our office, all you need to do is turn your file over to us, show up to court if necessary, and tell us where to send the check once the debtor starts paying on that old bill!


We can help with any past-due invoice, and regularly obtain collection for:

              -Professional Services

              -Mechanics work

              -Homeowners Associations

              -Past-due rent and property damages (and all Landlord-Tenant disputes)

              -Defaults on monetary loans

              -Construction or home improvement contracts


Call us for a free consultation—you did the work, make sure you get paid!


Helpful contract hints:

-Get it in writing!  You don’t usually make a deal you think will go bad, but sometimes they do.  Get the customer to sign for the work being performed.


-Bill regularly, with itemized statements. 


- Take pictures of the work or damage, or keep a log of what work you did.


- Include notice of interest, late fees, costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees in the event of a breach in your contract, invoice, or communications with the customer.


 Always use your full business name on correspondence, including your corporate status. E.g. “H. Wayne Norman, Jr., PA” or “My Firm, LLC”


- If the agreement changes, get it in writing—especially if the original agreement was an oral agreement.

Brian K. Young, Esq.—Attorney at Law

“You are a blessing. There aren't very many lawyers like you.”

        -Satisfied Client

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Collections aren’t just about money: if you did your job, and they didn’t do theirs, you deserve a fair deal!  We can help with any contract dispute!

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