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ClientStat is a unique service of the Bel Air office that provides you with an evaluation of your legal situation in several critical areas of your life or business.  Our basic package is conducted as a complimentary program after you retain our services in any other matter.*†^ 


ClientStat pulls your records from various sources to provide you with information that not only keeps you informed of your general legal status, but gives our office additional information to assist you in the present matter.  We hope that this program will demonstrate our commitment to your case and our concern for your legal well-being.


ClientStat Basic………………………………Fee without retainer: $200.00

             - Maryland criminal case records on court file

             - Maryland civil case records on court file

             - Real Property SDAT data for one parcel of real estate in MD

             - Maryland Real Property records, deeds, and mortgage papers for                             one parcel of real estate

             - Real Property ZEstimatefive year report

             - Property tax report for one parcel located in Harford County

             - Business entity information on SDAT file for one (1) MD business





* Your authorization is required for participation

† Up to 30 pages free.  Additional pages $.25/page.

^ ClientStat is a record-pulling service.  All information is provided as it appears on the various source sites, databases, and locations from which it is obtained.  H. Wayne Norman, Jr., PA, nor any of its members, associates, or employees is responsible for the accuracy or absence of information provided, including any inability to obtain information due to factors outside of our control.  Terms and items provided are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of H. Wayne Norman, Jr., PA.

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