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Useful Legal Information

The internet makes available a useful array of information about courts and the law.  You can even find forms and advice that could apply to your situation.  Nothing beats having your own lawyer review your particular situation to help you get the best outcome—nothing except getting that review in a free consultation, of course!  Once you’ve reviewed this information, contact us to make an appointment for your free consultation!



The Maryland Code is available for you to read all of the laws for the State of Maryland in one convenient online location.



You can search for case information at this website, which gives you access to the status as indicated by the court clerks in the official case system. You can search for an estate here.



You can download forms for the Circuit Court here, from the District Court here, and from the Register of Wills here.


Court Information and Websites

The Maryland Judiciary website is the central location for all Maryland court information available on the web.


The Circuit Court for Harford County has a useful website, which includes a list of filing fees.


The Circuit Court for Baltimore County’s website allows you to see the court docket for each day.


The Circuit Court for Cecil County also posts the daily court docket, and has fees and other information on its website.


All Maryland District Court locations, with contact information, are available here.


This information is for general information purposes. It is NOT legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is created by perusing this website.  You should contact one of our attorneys with specific questions.

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