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-Do I need an attorney?

             It is always advisable to consult an attorney when you have a dispute, are undergoing changes in your life, or are embarking on a new business venture.  It is difficult to determine whether or not you’ll need an attorney to represent you without knowing all of the facts of your case— that’s why we offer a free consultation.  Contact our offices to discuss your options and we will be happy to advise you.


-How can I afford a lawyer?

             First you should ask if you can afford not to hire a lawyer. In most cases, the financial and emotional advantage to having one of our attorney’s represent you will pay for itself in the course of your case. We offer representation on hourly, flat fee, and contingency basis. In collections, estate management, Social Security claims, and Veteran’s Administration benefit cases our attorney’s don’t get paid until you do! With a free consultation and favorable compensation terms, you can’t afford to miss a chance to meet with an attorney today.


-Will my case go to trial?

             The majority of cases no longer make it to trial.  Many lawyers no longer regularly take cases to court.  Our firm will make every effort to obtain a favorable settlement as quickly as possible out of court, but our practiced litigators try cases on a regular basis, with several cases at court each week.  Determining whether or not to accept a settlement offer will be your decision— we will take your case as far as your decide to go while providing advice on what options are most favorable to you.


-How long will my case take?

             The legal system is a deliberate process.  The average case takes six months to a year until a decision is reached.  Many cases take longer— hotly contested divorce or estate cases, for example, can take years for litigation to arrive at a plan acceptable to both sides, and even then new issues can arise.  Our firm works to prevent these cases: you shouldn’t have to deal with a dispute for years.  Part of serving your best interests is finding a speedy solution— we will strive to resolve your matter quickly.  Many matters can be settled out of court in a few weeks with the assistance of our attorneys.


-When should I review my Will and estate plan?

             Wills and health care directives are important documents that provide instructions for those we love after we are gone.  They ensure that our wishes are carried out, that our loved ones are cared for, and that those who you don’t want to have the product of your life’s work (such as the    government) don’t have a claim.  We recommend reviewing your will and estate any time there is a major change in your life— a marriage, death, divorce, birth, adoption, change of address, change of employment, or overseas travel are all good occasions to review your estate plan.  Ask   us about our estate management discount to review your estate situation along with a retainer in another matter.




This information is for general information purposes. It is NOT legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is created by perusing this website.  You should contact one of our attorneys with specific questions.




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