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Brian K. Young, Esq.—Attorney at Law

808 S. Main Street  —  Bel Air, Maryland 21014  —  (410) 836-8836  —  brianyoung@harfordlaw.com

“You are a blessing. There aren't very many lawyers like you.”

        -Satisfied Client

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I am an attorney with the Law Offices of H. Wayne Norman, Jr, PA.  Our firm is located on Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland and serves clients in Harford, Baltimore, Cecil, Anne Arundel, and the rest of Maryland.

I use my unique ClientStat program to provide you with an evaluation of your legal situation.  I strive to provide you with help in any area you require assistance—I am proud to be part of a full service law firm.  The following principle areas of practice are supplemented by a broad legal understanding.  You may contact the firm to discuss any of your legal concerns.


       Litigation to resolve your dispute with a use of law and facts specific to your case.

Collection cases

      If you’ve performed work, lent money, or entered into a contract and done your part, but haven’t been paid, you deserve your money!  From the initial collection letter to court, from post judgment collection to a satisfied account, all collection steps are under one roof!

Administrative Law

Contesting state and federal agency decisions or citations can be just as important as disputes before the court.  When it comes to your professional license or certification, your property assessment, or zoning citations, it can cost money and cripple your life or business.  We will fight the state regulators for your rights!

Construction Disputes

       Negotiation, settlement, litigation, and mechanic’s liens.

Contract Law

       Drafting and review of personal, business, and real estate contracts as well as litigation over disputes.

Small Business Law

       Business organization, contract drafting and review, insulation from liability, and practice maintenance.

Equestrian Law

       Personal injury, leasing agreements, stabling, feed, tacking, and stud fee agreements, and liability protection.

Debt Collection

       The firm is one of Harford’s leading debt collection firms, and will work to make sure you are paid monies owed to you.

Administrative Heartings

      Motor Vehicle, Real Property Assessment, Zoning Code, Liquor Board, and other administrative hearings before county, state, and federal agencies.

Personal Injury

       Torts and accident recovery and defense including automobile accidents, slip/falls, assault, and business liability.

Family Law

      Going through a domestic dispute or divorce can be one of the hardest periods of a person’s life. You need representation to make an emotional and life-altering separation bearable. We can help ensure that you receive everything you’re entitled to from a marriage so that you can move on in the best situation possible.

      Separation, divorce, reconciliation, name changes, guardianship, adoption, and protective orders.

Estate Work

       Losing a loved one can be a heart breaking event. Managing an estate is not something you should have to deal with personally while in mourning. We can provide assistance for personal representatives in the handling of estates of departed loved ones.

Deed preparation

       Residential and commercial deed drafting and recordation for familial gifts, refinancing, or purchase.

Wills & Elder Law

      Wills, trusts and estates, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, and guardianships.

Veteran’s Administartion Benefits

       If you have served in the military, you may be entitled to benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Soldiers deserve support when they return home, and we can help you through the administration hurdles so that you receive the assistance you have earned. You don’t pay anything upfront!

Social Security Disability Claims

      The Social Security Administration has complicated regulations for pending claims. We can review your claim for professional presentation to the judge so that you are awarded any benefits your entitled to. Our policy is that we don’t get paid until you do!

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       Free for clients.